Yoga Bees with Beth

Movement and Mindfulness for Children

Yoga for kids age 9–11 still includes all the fun, but moves away from some of the rhymes and songs and towards a more grown up understanding of yoga and the benefits it brings us. Children in this age group may be experiencing big shifts in friendships, problems relaxing or getting to sleep, or concentrating on the more complex schoolwork. Emotions at this age start to feel really BIG and in yoga we look at expanding our vocabulary to explain how we feel, as well as ways to respond to these big feelings or stressful situations.

We use different resources in our 9–12 years class — the cuddly bees loved by the younger children are replaced by cool yoga peg bees, and my bag is full of things like chopsticks (yes!), yoga cards, and thoughtful crafts for self-expression.

Yoga can build concentration, self-awareness, and give us the tools we need to stay calm in a busy and stressful world. It also builds strength, balance, and flexibility. Everyone is welcome!

Classes are available within schools, as after school clubs, and as one-offs for home education or other private groups. Get in touch to beee amazed!