Yoga Bees with Beth

Movement and Mindfulness for Children

In our Yoga Bees classes for children up to 9 years old we have a fun mix of games, music, and activities centred around the 3 Bs of yoga (body, breath, and brain) with our three cuddly bees!

B is for Body

We learn yoga poses and sequences, play games that make our hearts race, and improve motor skills, as we learn to talk about and care for our unique and wonderful bodies.

B is for Breath

Our breath is our invisible friend! By focusing on our breath we can often change how we feel. We practise a wide range of fun breathing techniques, with props and crafts as well.

B is for Brain

How do we focus and concentrate? What’s happening in the brain? Each session finishes with a short relaxation encouraging children to find a calm stillness.


The magical bee box where the bee pebbles live… these little friends come out for our end-of-class relaxation to help children focus on their breathing. Buzz them back to the box to receive a sticker!
The beautiful singing bowl is a fantastic resource to practise mindful listening… for children and adults!